The sun died today
He was afraid of the unknown
He was afraid of what he knew
might be waiting
He saw his life in a blur
and remembered everyword he had ever uttered
He remembered his birth
He remembered the light and the heat
He remembered the feelings
all the wonderful feelings
all the excruciating feelings
He felt them all over again in that instant
he felt happiness and agonizing sadness
pain and pleasure all in a second
Then all of a sudden a rush of relief passed through him
He felt calm and unafraid

The sun died today
his blazing flame dissolved
his scorching heat cooled
the light emitting from his being faded
and all that was left was a
small speck in the universe

The sun died today
He died slowly and silently
with no one around
and by his own hand

The sun died today
on the second floor of a newly remodeled house
The sun was kept inside the small heart
of a 17 year old blond, brown eyed boy
Who lay on his full bed with the checkered covers.

There is a constant pain inside my heart
usually it is soft and quiet and does not bother me
there are times thought when it shouts to me that it is there
it makes its presence known
I saw a person today
a person that looked familiar to me
this person was smart and funny

--Liseth Chavez

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