Terminals: Considering the End is supported by a generous grant from the Intercampus Arts Program of the University of California. It will be shown simultaneously in art spaces at UC Irvine, Riverside, and Santa Cruz. The exhibition is presented in conjunction with Terminal, an interdisciplinary conference investigating "the cultural production of death," sponsored by the UC Humanities Research Institute and the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, taking place at UC Santa Barbara April 12th-13th.

Terminals: Considering the End is an artists' project by Victoria Vesna (Art Studio, UCSB) and Connie Samaras (Art Studio, UC Irvine) created for the World Wide Web

Terminals is funded by InterCampus Arts
the Humanities Research Institute of the UC system (UCHRI)
and the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) of UCSB.

UCI Terminals Artists Exhibition
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