I was born and spent the earlier part of my childhood in northern rural Greece.My family and I emigrated to the states in 1967. My work is rooted in the strong memories I brought from my childhood homeland. Like sinuous veins they traverse time and bring blood and spirit to ideas. I grew up believing in superstitions, magic healing springs and apparitions. And although I have left most of my cultural beliefs behind, I keep with me the mysteries, the old wives tales, and the sense of ceremony found in everyday life.

In the late seventies and early eighties I studied research biology in Boston. My love for science has remained with me in the ten years I have been an artist and is now wedded to my excavation of esoteric magical systems that I incorporate in my recent installation work. I received my MFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts and am currently teaching and unearthing lost information in Oakland.

  Artist's Statement:

In the last few years my work has involved the wedding of ancient and modern systems, to create techno-analogs of magical tools for divination. This work has stemmed from a process of unearthing lost information and attempting to re-integrate it into contemporary use. The information I seek to retrieve usually takes the form of tools we have lost on our way to living a high-paced, "progress"-filled daily existence. Oracular systems are the principle tools I have explored. A good divination tool acts like a mirror: it poses questions which incite reflection, helping one 'see' a situation more clearly, sharpen intuitive skills, and ultimately know oneself better. Many of these oracular systems have involved reading natural phenomena for signs of guidance and affirmation.

In previous works such as Well of Light and Scrying* by the Moon(see video documentation) I have created technological echoes of these phenomena, giving viewers the opportunity to experience the imagistic qualities of projected and reflected video light, and encouraging them to reimagine and interpret these images using ancient and now obscure methods of divination. I am interested in the excavation of these ancient systems of insight and how they might be made useful today. Their use may be one way of reinstating the sacred and biophilic view in a world that is tending precariously towards a materialistic and fragmented one.