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Surrounded by guns

...and then tells them a story about beautiful fairy maidens who turn
themselves into swans by means of a magic robe. percieved through the window of psychotropic medications...

She keeps the gun handy while discussing with her children the dangers
of personality ritual and dogma

The gun is actually a vibrator.

That night, the seven year old girl kill herself.

She is cleaning it so that it does not back fire.

She is smart and carries it with her finger off the trigger. She is an informed and responsible gun owner who is not swayed by media BS.

She's going to blow her own head of

c) She protects her family from an intruder!

suicide family

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

Checks on her children before donning her domintrix costume and turning
on Rush Limbaugh for a night of sensual polictical delights.

a) The gun is never used

"Porno for propagandists"

She lost a family member to ruthless intruders, now she is ready
to protect herself and her family. Notice her finger off the trigger
until ready to fire. She is well-trained. Probably, too late....

f) Two guns for two beds, is one not enough to kill?!

Woman found shot to death

She safely keeps her gun locked when not in use.

She's just making her nightly rounds, making sre her kids are safe.
She carries the gun with a safety, because you never can be too careful.

Silently she slid into the bedroom, her trigger finger softly caressed the trigger, she aimed and fired into the air, it was only a test, a drill, to keep her kids in line!

I shoot the bear-And eat it !!!

An intruder finds the gun and shoots her.

She protects her family from an intruder.

The little fuckers are quiet now, what the hell, let'em live.

Waiting for a liberal to stand gaurd at her home.

The gun is never loaded.

Two children. A handgun. She is a Republican.

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." --Sigmund Freud



She found the gun and unsatisfactory substitute for her man.

guns in the hands of teens

gun related accidents in homes

sell to neighbor, now!

All but "a" and "c" are some messed-up folks, guns don't kill, people do!

You Liberals are clueless

The picture of the gun in her hand so disturbs her that see returns it to the sporting goods store the next day for a refund.

The drug addicted brother finds the gun, shoots everyone in the family.

she drops the gun after viewing her children

she shoots siamese twin sister

She uses the gun on herself to protect her family

She hates herself for wanting to own a gun, but secretly enjoys the sense of power it gives her

When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Guns

Ever watching mother protects her offspring 24hs a day

Ron Fleshman

A thief breaks into the house and uses the gun to kill every member of the family.

f)The gun was never purchased

The gun was never purchased

d) During an argument her husband shoots her with her gun.

She sells the gun and buys a new modem and a soundblaster with the proceeds

She takes the gun and turns it in to the police to protect her family.

b) She uses the gun on herself

she protects her family from an intruder

It is a toy gun.

She uses the gun's head to wax her ears

The gun is thrown in the garbage.

Guns are only safe when the bullets sleep in the chamber.

she goes nuts and kills her family


shoots intruder

The assasin enters the room to find his prey gone.

I'm already IN a world of shit...

she goes to kill her kids

c)She protects her family from an intruder.

She protects herself

She realizes the danger, and decides to sell the gun

She shoots him with the gun.

protects herself from intruder

The gun saves her life, somehow.


shoots small doll on bookcase.


protects family

a) The gun is never used

She secures the gun to prevent (e) when not used during (c).

She learns that it is not nice to play with guns.

She finds the gun and gets rid of it before anyone hurts themselves.

the gun is never used

She protects herself from an abusive ex-husband

C She protects her family from an intruder

"You gotta ask yourself one question, 'Do I feel lucky?' Well do ya

She walks to the corner of 102nd and Ave of the Americas -
sells the gun for $40 dollars and buys some very expensive hair

She wins a marksmanship contest

"Ok, who left the toilet seat up?!"

im going to go with e.


Mommy Dearest says, "Screw the hanger!"

Take out that damn trash!!

I like the fake penis theory.

The woman finally gets the courage to do away with her illigitimate mulado 7 year old. Whom is the child of the overly sexed Mailman

"Now go to sleep, or I'll shoot"

los norteamericanos escriben tonterias

The gun is stolen in a break-in and used in armed robberies and murders.

Home Sweet Home

the woman puts the gun up her vagina and uses it as a fake penis

This woman goes and kills O.J. because she wanted to kill Nicole since Nicole dumped her for Ron!!!
Nicole left her for Ron!!!

War & Peace

During an argument her husband shoots her with her gun.


she has just disarmed her psycho husband

she disarms her husband

The seven-year-old finds the gun and accidently shoots her parents thinking the gun is a toy

a) the gun is never used.

she shoots her children

i donīt understand it but i'm sure it'sgood

Stella, a woman who dumped her husband finds new independance by shooting bananas and redecorating her bedroom to look like a 1950s sitcom.

She uses it to make peace in her house :):(
Do it or i will blow your head off.

the woman shoots her computer, takes a Valium and goes to bed

She uses the gun to shot the neighbors dog who barks loudly at night.

after a break-in the gun is stolen, and used in a fatal shooting.

The gun is never used

they sleep and mother protects while ever mindful of the moral
obligation of owning a fire arm.

c) She protects her family from an intruder

She put the gun in her mouth, suddenly her husband appears with an M-16, and he said " Hey you fucking women, youīve been fucking with another guy, bitch. I gonna murder you.

he protects himself from her attach with a knife?

she dies and her mother dies the they all die.

Thinking the gun is a novelty toothbrush... the story ends tragically and leaves us only with a really gross bathroom mirror.

There are two guns. They shoot each other. One dies.

The gun is a primary force of domestic tension in the family, causing a bitter split.

The gun is a fetish.

the master signifier?

She kills her abusive husband

an intruder breaks in and finds the gun, only to use it against the
owner when she arrives...after masturbating.

The gun ends up in a library.


confused as to why that women keeps wearing his dresses and pumps, he emasculates himself to feel more at one with his confusion.

f) She uses the gun to protect her children and gratify her needs while
her husband is away on business trips.

She defends her house against evil ATF agents who are preparing to serve a search warrant.

"The gun is only an accessory chosen because it blends well with the color of her dress the shine of her wedding band and the street smart look of the nineties."
very funny

Her husband comes in late and is mistaken for an intruder..shot..dies.

She is going to shoot her lover, whom she found in bed with her husband

She has fun shooting at the gun range!

In a fit of self indulgence, the gun eats itself.


mOnKEYS rULE THE WoRLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I have this gun in the house anyways? Am I NUTS!

She joins a psychic friends network and solves everybody's problems with her gun.

She kills the family cat after it shreds the couch.

Being a mail carier, one day she brings the gun to work and shoots her fellow employees.

Her car won't start so she shoots it.

Frustrated by screaming kids, beligerant husband, and yapping dog, she shoots the dog.

I hope that's not a Red Rider BB Gun... You'll shoot your eye out.

the gun is never used

She shoots her foot.

She uses the gun to shoot Phil Gramm.

She keeps her gun locked away from her seven and three year old and may use it against her cheating canaving husband.


the owner of the gun makes family aware of its potential and exercises extream caution in its use and storage. We all live happily ever after.


Ranik didnīt like her!!!!!!!


She trades it in for a nucular bomb and kills Bill Clintons sorry @$$.

She goes to the white house and kills Hillary Clinton[because of she
is having a bad hair day.]

she shoots her cat.

She bought it so she'll have to use it.

she murders her children

She shoots here pillow just to see how it feels.

The seven-year-old finds the gun and accidently shoots her three-year-old sister.

The gun is never used because it is destroyed by the owner after comtemplated the Zen concept of harm on other. We all known handguns are designed to be used to harm people.

She regains her sanity and gets rid of the gun!

The gun is not loaded.

Thomas Smith

The father, dressed in drag, frames his wife for the gruesome murders.

"how many times have I told you kids not to leave your toys lying around!!"

in a drunken rage, she shoots her entire family, and then herself.

The family takes classes on proper gun useage and never has an unfortunate incident.

She decided to kill her children with pleasure.

Uses it for target practice only

She is contemplating suicide, and thinks of the children she would be leaving behind.

She keeps a lock on the gun when not in use, and uses it to target practice

She's gonna blow her foot off

The gun is never fired in anger or by accident.

The Gun is Lost



She shoots the photographer.

I can't do it


the seven-year-old finds the gun and accidently shoots her three-year-old sister.

The gun is never touched, but symbolizes solutions through ultimate destruction.

Personal Insurance

This is not a real gun!

Its a lighter (like in "Micropartner")

She works for an underground assassination group and kills everyone that makes web pages starting with "she uses guns" have a good day.

mom likes to play cowgirl while the kids sleep.

She pawns the gun for $65 to pay the phone bill, and it is then purchased by a 23 yr. old ex-Marine, who holds up a Wawa-mart with it.

The gun is just another tool to be used for protecting the family.

The gun is only an accessory chosen because it blends well with the color of her dress,
the shine of her wedding band and the street smart look of the nineties.

The gun is a revolver, could it be sad game of "Russian Roulettef"

She is not really left-handed.

The bullets were locked away; only she knew where they were.