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The Internet is rapidly becoming a major vehical for alternative discourse and extended communities who do not feel well served by the mainstream media outlets. The transition from the Internet as a tool of scientific exchange to populist soap box is almost complete.

Here are a few links regarding both gun advocacy and gun control; you can find a lot more at Yahoo and other meta-sites.

Gun Control
The Gun Page, by Chuck Isdale with hundreds of well organized links.
Newt Humor: Gun Control
Harris Trigger Shield
RKBA: Armed Forces vs. American Populace
Bolt Action Magazine
The False Promise of Gun Control
Collecting Toy Guns
Netscape: Royal Gun Shield Home Page
Guncraft Sports: Gunsmithing
Guncraft Sports: Indoor Range
Women Against Gun Control
Gun Control Resources
Reverse FIRE
MotherJones SO93: This bullet kills you better
The Second's Missing Half
Why Johnny can shoot
The NRA's Mail Bomb

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