Dale Kistemaker

1995 His Bedroom, International Center of Photography, New York, New York
1995 The Village, Lowinsky Gallery, New York, New York

1994 Real Men, Dead Heroes, His Bedroom, and The Village, UCR California Museum of
Photography, Riverside, California,

His Bedroom, Ansel Adams Center/Friends of Photography, San Francisco, CA
The Village, Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1991 Real Men, Dead Heroes, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, California

1996 Masculine Measures, The John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheyboygan, Wisconsin
1995 The Masculine Masquerade, M.I.T. Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA
1995 Our Lives, Negotiating Male Identity, San Jose Institute of   Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA
1991 Nuclear Matters, Camerawork, San Francisco, CA.

The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA
Oakland Art Museum, Oakland, CA
Crocker Art Museum, Sacrament Ca
Lowinsky Gallery, New York, New York
Witkin Gallery, New York, New York
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Mercer College, Macon, Georgia
San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
United States Information Agency

Perchuk, Andrew; Posner, Helaine -- The Masculine Masquerade, List Visual Arts Center, MIT Press, 1995