Nancy Floyd

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Summer Stipend Award, California State University, Long Beach, CA. 1996.
Funding for one month's work in Los Angeles, interviewing and photographing women gun owners. Technicolor Inc. Scholarship, Valencia, CA. 1986-87.
Scholarship to attend the California Institute of the Arts. Ahmanson Scholarship, Valencia, CA. 1985-86.
Scholarship to attend the California Institute of the Arts. Albert P. Weisman Scholarship, Chicago, IL. 1985.
Half funding for photographic project "Deconstructing Dynasty". Albert P. Weisman Scholarship, Chicago, IL. 1984.
Half funding for photographic project "Night Spots".

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Instructor, California State University Long Beach Instructor, Orange Coast College

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA. Master of Fine Arts, (art/photography) 1987
Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL. Master of Arts, (photography) 1985
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX. Bachelor of Fine Arts, (studio art) 1982

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