Barbie with 9mm Beretta and Carrera 4 Porsche, 1994.

I bought my first gun in 1986. I found out my friend Midge had been shooting competitively for years. Practical shooting, I think it's called. I went to one of her competitions and at the end of the day she let me shoot her gun and I loved it. So I went out and bought my own gun. A Beretta. I don't like shooting competitively but I do like shooting at targets.

I'm a public figure and sometimes it worries me. I often drive alone in my Ferrari or Porsche. I take my sail boat out with Ken and our friends most weekends and we're often far from anyone. This concerns me. So I took self defense classes from Paxton Quigley, a well known firearms instructor. She teaches women how to use their guns effectively under stress and adverse conditions. Once a year I take a refresher course. I also took a model mugging course because I know that I may not have access to my gun. Would I shoot someone if I felt my life was in danger? Yes I would. It might hurt my career, but yes I would.