Margie Wise with .22 Springfield Rifle and Harrison and Richardson .22 and Barbara Wilbourn with .22 Smith and Wesson Kit gun and Remington Model 511, 1994.

Margie -- I received my first gun at age nine. I had asked for an archery set, but my father felt that owning an archery set was too dangerous so he bought me this little .22 rifle.

Barbara -- I bought my first gun in December of last year -- ninety-three. Margie wouldn't go kayaking unless I went shooting. It's just a hobby, competitive sport.

Margie -- It's like some people bowl one night a week -- we prefer shooting rifles or guns.

Barbara -- Mention the .38 pistol you have.

Margie -- Yes I do own a .38. I don't shoot it every week. It's my gun for protection and it's kept by my bed, loaded at all times.

Barbara -- I don't have a gun loaded for protection and I don't want one. I don't know if I could shoot somebody.