Terri Cummings

Terri Cummings

Mokita - the truth everybody knows but no one speaks
This book deals with truth, vulnerability and responsibility on both personal and societal levels. It originated from my own external and eventual internal feelings of deception and exposure.
Mokita incorporates collaged images and a partial transcript of my comments during a dialogue leading up to and through the purchase of a handgun. Also included in the book is the quotation taken from one of many newspaper articles written about the still unsolved serial murders of seven women in Fort Worth, Texas.
The book's size, as well as the choice of black leather, suture needle and thread, reinforces the perpetual presence of danger, pain, and violence. The suture needle is kept surgically sharp so that the acts of opening and closing of the book are themselves dangerous.
Mokita was finalized by being shot with a bullet fired from the purchased gun - a Charter Arms Undercover Special.

I still have the gun. I still have the feelings.

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