Cherished Freedom

This article submitted by H. Vogel on 10/17/96

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Those who wish to abolish firearm ownership are forgetting what makes things tick. Just because
we are in the 1990s doesn't mean human nature has changed a bit. You give someone a chance to rise above
the crowd in power they will. The use of this power is not sanctified either. Look at Hitler, Stallin,, these
Men just in the last few decades have impacted society killing millions. Their steps to power in both cases and in many others
were started by disarming the commoners who would otherwise certainly oppose their actions. A free people
will remain free by maintaining vigilance, sort of helping the goverment to remain honest.
When someone tells me they need to take something away from me to preserve my freedom, I get worried.
But if i did something (Not The act of ownership) violent or illegal i would expect to be stripped of my rights.
Any way those who think banning guns is the answer, should be true to themselves, and inquire within
their own minds that possibly the behaviors of individuals
is the limiting factor not the tools used by them. Thank you.
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