Camera/Guns - Related?

This article submitted by Jay Adams on 9/11/96 Jay_Adams

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I have enjoyed photography and firearms for many years and
I am a little distressed that most of the images I have
had a chance to look at express very negative images of
firearms. Misuse of firearms is a compelling and graphic
subject but firearms also provide technical and creative
opportunities very similar
to photography. Firearms also provide an opportunity
(excuse) to spend a lot of time in the outdoors. On
occassion I enjoy hunting and to go on a hunting trip
without a camera is a missed opportunity to photorgaphically
capture nature. By far most hunting trips result in no
harvested game but they always provide memorable visual
experiences. The technical side of firearms, reloading
ammunition, is just as experimental, just as creative as
working in the darkroom. I would urge artist to view
firearms in a different light. To enjoy firearms you will
be even more enraged at the misuse of firearms. To hate
firearms because of their misuse you deny yourself an
opportunity to enjoy a truly fascinating hobby. At the
same time you will misunderstand one of the most grossly
misrepresented debates of contemporary life.
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