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Anthony Aziz

1995- Venice Biennale, Venezuelan Pavilion,Venice, Italy (Collaborative work Aziz + Cucher)
1995 Dyshtopia, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York 1993 "Faith, Honor and Beauty," Jack
Shainman Gallery, New York
1993 "Subject Witheld," Haines gallery, San Francisco
1992 "Faith, Honor and Beauty," New Lanbgton Arts, San Francisco

1995 Foto Biennale Enschede, Rijksmuseum, Twenthe, The Netherlands
1995 Fact, Fiction, and Truth: Contemporary Portraits, Lehman College, NY 1995 FIAC,
Espace D'Art Yvonamar Palix, Paris
1995 Bit-by-Bit: Post Photographic Imaging, Hunter College, NY
1995 The New Child, University Muuseum, U.C. Berkeley
1995 Counterspace, Haines Gallery, San Francisco 1994 The Ghost in the Machine, List Visual
Arts Center, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA
1994 Second Nature, The Friends of Photography/ Ansel Adams Center, S.F. 1994 VI
1994 Issues of Image, Haines Gallery, San Francisco
1994 Mirror, Mirror, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose
1994 Un Homme et Son Image, Dazibao Gallery, Montreal, Canada
1994 Stonewall 94, Printed Matter, Dia Center for the Arts, New York
1994 Wit on Wry, Islip Museum of Art, Islip, New York
1993 "The Final Frontier,"The New Museum of Comtemporary Art,NY
1993 "Mr. Serling's Neighborhood," Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica
1993 "Body Parts," Haines Gallery, San Francisco
1993 "New Work," Rowles Studio, Hudson, NY
1992 "This is my Body, This is my Blood," University of Mass., Amherst, MA
1992 "Ecstasy," Dooley le Cappellaine Gallery, New York City
1991 "WEST/AF Award Recipients," L.A. Art Fair, Los Angeles
1991 "Forty Artists from California," Budapest
Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
1991 "Shared Skins," Dooley le Cappellaine Gallery, New
1991 "No More Heroes," San Francisco Camerawork, San Francisco
1991 "Re-Negotiating Masculinity," San Jose State University, San Jose

1995 Instructor, Art Department, San Francisco State University
1995 Instructor, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA
1995 Instructor, San Francisco Art Institure 1995 Instructor, Mills College, Oakland, CA
1994-95 Instructor, Art Department, Sonoma State University,CA 1994 Instructor, California
College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA
1994 Guest Lecturer, Photography Program, Yale University
1993 Guest Faculty, Graduate Program, San Francisco Art Institute
1993 Photography Instructor, Art Department, University of California, Davis
1993 Visiting Faculty, International Center of Photography, New York
1992-93 Photography Instructor, Academy of Art College, San Francisco
1993 Guest Lecturer, Mills College, Oakland
1991 Photography Instructor, U.C. Berkeley, A.S.U.C. Studio, Berkeley
1990 Photography Instructor, San Francisco Art Institute, Extension Program
1989 Guest Lecturer, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Education Dept.
1988 Instructor, Art Institute of Boston, Extension Program, Boston

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1993 John D. and Susan P. Diekman Fellowship, Djerassi Program
1992 Art Matters, Inc. New York City
1992 Djerassi Artists Residence Program, Woodside, CA
1991 NEA, Western States Regional Fellowship Award (WESTAF)
1990 Ohio University, Juror's Award
1990 McMillan Award, San Francisco Art Institute
1988 Nan Weinstein Grant for Criticism, Boston
1988 Basil H. Alkazzi Award, Finalist, London

"Bullet Series"
a series of 12 x 20" b/w photographs
This work is a series of black and white photographs of bullets manufactured in different countries around the world. With each photograph titled and labeled accordingly, the images are meant to evoke a sense of national identity, serving as representatives, or delegates, of each place. Nations included so far are Spain, Russia, U.S., Hungary, Germany, Japan and China. On a more aesthetic level, each bullet is presented as a fetish, creating a seductive tension between form and content, desire and fear, beauty and violence.

a series of 20 x 20" b/w photographs
"STILL-LIFE" is a series of photographs of bullets after they've been fired and hit their targets. With this series I am simply interested in capturing the poetry that is embedded in the floral patterns that emerge.
"Germany", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"France", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"China", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"Israel", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"Russia", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"Holland", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"United States", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"Spain", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
Japan", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"Hungary", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"Mexico", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"
"Sweden", 1994 Gelatin Silver print 20" x 12"