her blindness flickered in a semi-darkness.  she would try to 

restrain her periods in this, though there was a vacancy here that 

seemed often satisfying, though rarely lasted.
(how much information is there, really? "so much, so much", he would reply with vigor
that a slight echo could be detected in his voice.)
her numbness would only be felt when there was an attempt to move.

there was an attempt to move.  yes, indeed, each space must be 

filled.  every moment must be accounted for.  the possibility for 

vacancy can only be reflected in its audience.she would be content,

then, to revel in the sheer quantity.
(other things lay close the the surface floor, or flattened out
by the sun: unexposed, unremarked, uneventful. no one would notice this,
for surely they would change the channel. its space however, would achieve
the depth of true vacancy.)

channel... in formation....