Victoria Saavedra (Vicky):

Everytime we go out digging we go psychologically prepared to find something. Once we

went to look in a cave. I took gloves and plastic bags, whatever I thought we might need. We found

rocks that were immense, larger than a house. Of course we could not even move one. Such a

feeling of defeat. One more time and nothing happens. But I still think this could be the right place.

Maybe in that pile of rocks there is a symbol, a sign. I always try to look for some sort of a sign - if

there are rocks with blood stains, a button, a piece of paper, if the dirt is darker, anything. There is

always the feeling that one must search for something.

Violeta Berrios Aguila (Violeta):

We formed a kind of an information chain together. One friend contacted another friend. Then

that friend would contact another friend who had been in the military. We went to that place he told

us about. He assured us it was where the men were buried. The impression was that we were finally

going to a place that was certain. There was fear and anguish - fear of seeing how they had been

killed. They told us it wasn't just a firing squad, that it was a massacre. We went fifty kilometers out

of Calama. There was nothing. Another deception. Another disillusionment.


While returning to Calama from searching one afternoon, we saw a place that we thought

looked suspicious. The ground seemed to be darker and the earth looked like it was moved around.

The first day we organized alot of people to go and we dug with shovels. The next day we arrived at

9:00 in the morning and only a few people arrived. The police came and took us prisoners. We were

told we had been arrested because we were digging in an archeological site. A woman judge got us



After this we actually heard from someone who threw dirt on the graves. He said the hole they

had made couldn't hold the twenty-six, so the last three were put on the top. the very last one was

Mario. This man took us to the place but it was too far and the land was too inhospitable for the

military to have buried bodies there. I don't think that these people who give us information want to

lie. But sometimes I wonder, are they so sadistic as to be able to do that?


Violeta and I went out in the desert near the town of Chiu-Chiu and there was a man-made hole

containing bones. Violeta said they were human so we jumped into the hole and collected skull

pieces and bones in plastic bags. We took the bags back to Calama. We were told that, in fact, they

were human. I began to feel that maybe I had broken my brother, Jose's bones. There were about

twenty bodies in the hole but they were pre-Columbian.