This is T R A N S I T I V E space.

Here, live online multimedia exhibits explore the concepts of life and death as a continuous flow of uncertain transitions.

The continuity of human conscience and spirit beyond death is particularly relevant in a virtual environment where the existence of the body is separated from the actions and will of the spirit. Individual statements, artistry and conscience, may exist beyond death, continuing despite physical collapse.

This space emphasizes exhibition of works as live virtual multimedia installations. The live multimedia installations involved have been optimized and streamlined for efficient presentation via the Internet.

DEADLINE explores death and depersonalization in an iconic, live-media environment. This interactive creation by Yan Breuleux questions the mass media communication of death within an urban environment.

DRIP by Mark Benthin, is an interactive, animated textual investigation of the flow between life and death. Juxtaposed text is drawn from sources including popular music lyrics, "Life After God" by Douglas Coupland and the Bardo Thötröl - The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

For best results ensure that you are using Netscape 2.0 or equivalent Internet Explorer, with support for frames and that your browser is Shockwave enabled.

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T R A N S I T I V E s p a c e would like to thank the people that contributed time and effort to help pull this together: Christine Théoret, Denis Martineau, Yan Breuleux, Elizabeth Littlejohn. T R A N S I T I V E s p a c e is produced by Mark Benthin.

Special thanks to Victoria Vesna and everyone at the Art Studio, UCSB for providing a forum for the presentation of these works.

An extensive T R A N S I T I V E s p a c e exhibit is now available at the Media Renaissance website.