Sharon Daniel

Sharon Daniel is an artist working in computer-based interactive art and interface design. Her Web project NARRATIVE CONTINGENCIES, is an interactive, non-linear narrative, which allows participants to contribute texts and images. SIGNAL-TO-NOISE, is a conversation within the context of the World Wide Web presenting a theoretical discourse linking images, texts, and 'sites' through networks of association. The Decordova Museum Virtual Gallery launched both sites in February 1997.

Ms. Daniel was the Visual Design Director, Video Artist and graphic designer for the BRAIN OPERA, an interactive 'Opera' inspired by Marvin Minsky's Society of Mind, produced at MIT's Media Laboratory. The BRAIN OPERA premiered in 1996 in New York at the Lincoln Center Festival and through the Internet World Expo. It has since been presented in Linz, Austria at the Ars Electronica Festival, in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Electronic Cafe International and European Cultural Capital Celebrations, in Tokyo, Japan in the NexOpera Festival (a Nexsite Project) at Ebisu Garden Place, and in West Palm Beach, Florida at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Ms. Daniel's recent work has also been presented at "The Kitchen, " and the "Women in the Director's Chair" International Film Festival.

"ALIVE, DREAMS AND ILLUSIONS", a hardware-free virtual environment for networked participants and autonomous agents was presented at SIGGRAPH '95. Her interactive installation, STRANGE ATTRACTION: NON-LOGICAL PHASE-LOCK OVER SPACE-LIKE INTERVALS was presented at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies and published in Technology Review.

Ms. Daniel is an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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