AI & Society is a refereed international journal publishing scholarly articles, discussion papers, short communications and reviews of books and other publications. Established in 1987, the journal focuses on the issues associated with the policy, design, and management of information, communications and medis technologies, and their broader social , economic, cultural and philosophical implications. AI & Society is broad based and strongly interdisciplinary, and welcomes contributions and participation from researchers and practitioners in a variety of fields including information technologies, social sciences, arts and humanities.

"Technological innovations offer a great potential for a new social and economic renaissance, but also possess the risk of exclusion of people and their aspirations from shaping the post-industrial society. New technologies provide opportunities for the creation of new forms of employment, human services and living conditions, but at the same time there are dangers of decontextualising identity and thought, and of closing down human capacities for social innovation and sustainability" (New Visions of the Post-Industrial Society, Int. Conf. 1994).

As the 21st Century dawns, a gap is emerging between the reality of the rapidly evolving 'information society' and the humanistic vision of developing socially useful technologies which deal with wider societal issues. AI & Society provides an international forum for analysis of these conflicts and dilemmas, and a focus for a growing community committed to the 'knowledge society' and to 'human-centred' technologies and systems.

Rather than concentrate on technical aspects of information and communication systems, AI & Society emphasizes the need to understand the potential and consequences of using these powerful tools.

Anyone who cares about the policy, design and management of information, communication and media technologies, human-centred systems, and related sociotechnical developments should subscribe to AI & Society.

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